How We Can Help

We specialize in integrated pest management that provides effective control with minimum use of pesticides. Weather plays a critical role in insect development cycles, and preventive measures taken at appropriate times can greatly reduce nesting activities. 

Bee & Wasp Removal Services

We provide the following services:

One-time Service to Rid Your Home of Insect Pests

Emergency service is available since the stinging insects often produce emergency situations.

Preventive Treatments in the Spring to Prevent Nesting Activity

Yellowjackets and wasps have favorite nesting sites; if these sites are treated early in the spring, nesting activity can be inhibited or prevented. Foundation perimeter treatments can prevent yellow jackets, ants, and other insects from entering your home.

Sealing off the Nesting Sites and Entry Points

Sealing off the nesting sites and entry points can permanently reduce the attractiveness of your home to insects. We can perform the sealing or make recommendations for you to follow.

Contracts for Three or Four Scheduled Treatments at Appropriate Times

Yearly contracts can provide peace of mind. The visits are scheduled at the most effective time of year depending on the life cycle of the insect. These treatments can prevent nesting or eliminate new nests before they become troublesome.

Yearly Contract to Ensure a Trouble-Free Year—No Fixed Schedule; You Call When and If Necessary

A yearly contract always includes the spring preventive treatment but may or may not require another visit. If we are lucky, the rest of the year may be pest-free. If not, you will still be insured for any emergency.

Capture and Relocation of Honeybees, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets in Special Situations

Minimum Use of Pesticides

We wear protective clothing so that insects can be treated right at the nest site, and oftentimes, no pesticides are required for insect nest removal.

How to Apply Pesticides

When pesticides are used, a small amount applied up close is more effective and safer than a larger amount applied from a distance.

The pesticides used for bees and yellow jackets are extremely toxic to those insects, and only tiny amounts are needed for control, thus reducing exposure risk for people, pets, or wildlife.

Most treatments are applied to the nesting site without any residue left in areas where people and animals dwell.

Bee & Wasp Removal Services